Sunday, December 11, 2011

facebook implants

(... because silicone is so last decade)

Types of implants you can give your personality by using these simple facebook friendly tricks:

For girls- The HotPartyChick implant : Wear a strappy dress, make 2 other friends wear strappy dresses, go to THA CLUB, all 3 of you pose with your drinks in a Destiny's Child Forever or Power Puff girls manner. You choose. And make this picture your profile picture.

For boys- The HottestDudeEver implant : Go to THA CLUB, stand next to 3 girls in strappy dresses who are posing with their drinks in Destiny's Child / Power Puff Girls style; make sure you are part of the photograph. And make this picture your profile picture.

For those looking to Change The World- The CoolAdventurousGoodKindExpat implant :  Go visit a Third World Country, take a photograph with NREGA workers / starving African kids. And make this picture your profile picture.

For anyone- The RichAndFamous implant : Go to a First World foreign country, stand next to its most famous tourist destination and take a photograph. And make this picture your profile picture.

For ugly adults- The AwwwCuteness implant : Find a photograph from your baby / toddler days and scan it. And make this picture your profile picture. 

For non-famous people- The AlmostFamous implant : Go to an event attended by a celebrity. Take a photograph of you and the celebrity. And make this picture your profile picture. 

For all couples everywhere- The SiameseTwin implant : Take a photograph of the two of you anywhere, at any time. And both of you make this very picture your profile picture.


Advice for all- That's all folks. (But if you're still looking for more go here) Did you really think this list would go on forever? Nothing is forever. Go get yourself an implant. Facebook saves everything and never deletes anything.  Forget silicone. Why focus on individual body parts when you can get a personality implant?


Anand said...

This is genius. Is there a next level of being the avidest fan?

oof ya! said...

Anand - thank you , your fandom is much appreciated >:D< and you are the real genius. Don't argue !!!!

Meghnad Sahasrabhojanee said...

Facebook Implants! Very interesting :D
I love the power-puff girl pose one ;)

Shishir said...

Hi Sve,

I landed on this page courtsey your lesser half (if there is such a thing :P) and I'm thankful! :)

It was hilarious to read this...

oof ya! said...

Shishir - welcome to my blog

I went out to the hazel wood, because a fire was in my head... said...

That is the most apt truetolife comic post I've read in ages! thank you for making me laugh so much!

Meenal said...

Sve.....i love it...

oof ya! said...

I went out to the hazel wood - thank you very much :)

Meenal - hi hi hi and welcome :)