Friday, December 02, 2011

how to figure out if you are truly married (in 3 simple steps)

1. Both of you forget your wedding anniversary

2. Your children remind you both that it is your anniversary

3. Upon being reminded, you both look at each other and say "Oh we forgot. Maybe we are truly married now." (But you still abstain from wishing each other).  


Anand said...

You should write a book on marriage!!!

sp said...

could we have a cloud of all your awesome tags somewhere on this blog? it is the only thing that would make those chicks better.

oh and also here. enjoy.

completely unrelated to marriage though

oof ya! said...

Anand - As i told you earlier, i don't know enough about it to write a book!!!!

Smurf- i am trying to fix a category cloud but i keep fearing it may add to the clutter :P

Shaoli said...

@oofya: We know of a solution to remedy your ignorance.
@Anand: The critical word in the above passage being SOLUTION.
We need much entertainment!

Shaoli said...

The aabove also echoes the sentiments of a certain LMT

oof ya! said...

SHAO!!!!!!!!!! SO good to see you here !!!!!!!!!!! :D