Saturday, June 30, 2012


In the city where I grew up, dhaynchoo is the noise teachers use in school when they teach children about donkeys.

Example: Dog = bow wow
               Cat = meow
               Cow = moo
               Donkey = dhaynchoo

Recently, this friend of mine brought the word dhaynchoo back in my life. She used it to describe a movie that she hated. Quick review: "DHAYNCHOO".

Dhaynchoo rhymes with ACHOO. A sound many people I know think describes a sneeze. 

Dhaynchoo also rhymes with Pikachu. Pikachu, unlike dhaynchoo and achoo, is a character, not a sound.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

have you ever...

... looked across at your rich friend and wished brokedom on them just so that they'd realise how hard it is?

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

truth serum

Within the first 10 minutes of my grandmother's death, I remember amidst all the tears, feeling a pang of relief.

Her pain was over.
So was ours.
Freed by death.

I wonder what I would have done then if I knew that our exhaustion was just beginning.  Physical. Financial. Emotional. Psychological.

Monday, June 18, 2012

yoga women

Fans and Avid Readers! I am pleased to announce that after being a boring old exec-type of man, I have transformed into one of those hot yoga women. It's true!!!!

The type you see in multi-grain biscuit ads. The type who never snacks. The type who carries multi-grain whole wheat biscuits in her bag. Just in case she misses a meal.

So... does it count if you pack the biscuits on a day trip with your 60 plus, senior citizen dad to the hospital? For him, not you?

YES IT DOES!!!! Because you packed them in a huge, swingy, bright green Janpath-Sarojini Nagar type of bag. And carried it yourself. HA!

Friday, June 15, 2012

shrinking cat, hidden dragon

This friend of mine had a room mate. The room mate had a cat. The room mate had the ability to identify cats with emotional problems. The room mate's cat had emotional problems. The beds in their house were filled with cat pee whenever the cat had emotional problems. Their house had a weird smell.

The room mate did not have the ability to cure emotionally wrecked cats. Fortunately, they lived in a country  that produced cat psychologists. The cat was taken to one such psychologist. To cure the cat's emotional problems, the room mate was prescribed shiny lights and scented candles.

Whenever the cat peed on a bed, their house was ceremoniously lit up with shiny lights and doused with scented candles.

Their house continued to have a weird smell.