Friday, May 01, 2009

the man with the special chair

He is the only man in my whole office who has a different chair. And he's not even the BOSS.

Everyone else sits on these black and red or black and purple chairs. Cloth covered. Boring boring. But he's special. His chair is fully black. Leather. Oooooh. And he's very possessive about it.

When I was new I once sat on his chair by accident. It's not like I thought, 'Let's sit on the special chair.' It was just that was the closest empty chair to me. So I sat. And then I worked. And then I felt a tap on my shoulder.

'Excuse me,' he said.

'Yes?' I said.

'Will you exchange chairs with me?' he said.

He had found a black and purple cloth chair especailly for me and had wheeled it around the acres of our office, right upto my desk. Glee. How could I refuse?

Another day, another time. Me still new at office. Same old absentminded me, dragged his chair, sat on it.

Tap tap, on my shoulder.

'Excuse me' he said.

'What' I said

'You're sitting on my chair' he said.

2 nights ago in office I was sitting on his chair. He wasn't there. And I realised I was sitting on his chair and I said to my 2 of my colleagues... 'Ooops I'm sitting on his chair , and he's damn possesive about it'.

And they said 'Yes'

And I thought: !!!!!!!!!!!!

And we traded stories. Same stories, same experiences, same chair. And same man. But why?
Who is this man? What does he do? He only comes into office occasionally. He only sits on that special chair. And nobody is really sure what is it exactly that he does.

He's the man with the special chair. We know and love the chair more than we know or love him. What must it feel like to have your chair overtake you in fame and personality?