Friday, June 15, 2012

shrinking cat, hidden dragon

This friend of mine had a room mate. The room mate had a cat. The room mate had the ability to identify cats with emotional problems. The room mate's cat had emotional problems. The beds in their house were filled with cat pee whenever the cat had emotional problems. Their house had a weird smell.

The room mate did not have the ability to cure emotionally wrecked cats. Fortunately, they lived in a country  that produced cat psychologists. The cat was taken to one such psychologist. To cure the cat's emotional problems, the room mate was prescribed shiny lights and scented candles.

Whenever the cat peed on a bed, their house was ceremoniously lit up with shiny lights and doused with scented candles.

Their house continued to have a weird smell.


sp said...

i want to be a cat psychologist.

oof ya! said...

your facebook cover photo currently deludes the public into believing that you are one