Saturday, December 29, 2007


Dear fans and avid readers!

The following is an excerpt from an online chat i had with a
friend .

I feel it aptly documents the phenomenon of facebook in our modern times.

oof: i am not searchable on facebook, as your search will reveal
kk: ah.
why the elusiveness?
oof: it is far too public for my liking
kk: ah.
oof: more so than real life
kk: certainly.
and how many facebook friends do you have?
kk: currently, 68.
oof: wow
kk: is that an alarming number?
oof: yes certainly
68 close friends
68 people and the friends of 68 people being able to track your every social move
kk: some of whom aren't particularly close... people who i knew back in school but didn't speak too much to.
and stuff of the sort.
track my every social move, yes.
oof: doesnt that do things to your internal systems?
kk: um... not so far.
oof: hhhmmmm
again, wow
kk: it reflects a lack of social moving on my part.
oof: huh?
explain that
kk: the fact that you say wow to my number of facebook friends, and the fact that you say wow to the lack of things being done to my internal system.
logically leads to the conclusion that my social movements are not particularly track-worthy.
oof: lol
but isnt that what facebook is about?
tracking each others social movements
kk: well, yes...
but you can also take colour blindness tests.
oof: 68 people think your social movements are trackworthy
kk: and flunk them.
oof: ah yes.
and also be assigned political identities
i am told
kk: yes, i have been told too.
oof: and also be assinged a best friend based on a similarly answered movie quiz

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Dear fans and avid readers, (heh)

yes, it is true, this blog is still alive, and so am i. i had retreated briefly to the real world. but appear to be back, if only for a while.

i have made my first ever (second) movie. i have also lost said movie. huh.

in other news, i have befriended an asexual man.

please pray for me, and let us hope there is a god.