Saturday, June 30, 2012


In the city where I grew up, dhaynchoo is the noise teachers use in school when they teach children about donkeys.

Example: Dog = bow wow
               Cat = meow
               Cow = moo
               Donkey = dhaynchoo

Recently, this friend of mine brought the word dhaynchoo back in my life. She used it to describe a movie that she hated. Quick review: "DHAYNCHOO".

Dhaynchoo rhymes with ACHOO. A sound many people I know think describes a sneeze. 

Dhaynchoo also rhymes with Pikachu. Pikachu, unlike dhaynchoo and achoo, is a character, not a sound.


sp said...

i have never yet met a dog that said bow wow to me. thats a bigger lie than dhenchu. which is a sound that i imagine a donkey might make.

actually i'm pretty sure i have heard grown men make this sound while sneezing. or while not sneezing.

Tilpu said...

You just brought back pikachu in my life! So strange. Why do I know about this weird weird cartoon!

Anand said...



oof ya! said...

sp - yes, they lied horribly about animal noises in school :D

Tilpu - ya even i had forgotten pikachu until dhaynchoo ignited my memory :P

Anand - super let :)