Tuesday, July 03, 2012

dhaynchoo again

Ever since I blogged about dhaynchoo and achoo and Pikachu,  I have been thinking about much deeper, related things. I must share these thoughts with you.

1. When she was 6, my sister used to  frequently catch colds. She would sneeze loudly --- ACHOO--- and follow it up by saying "oomber". Achoooomber. Like cucumber. The sneeze version of a vegetable.

2. In my very first job the supervisor was called Achu. True story. And people would go stand next to his chair when they had colds and sneeze loudly --- ACHOO --- and then he would turn around and go "Yes?". And they would say "Oh no, that was not for you, I just have a cold."


Anand said...

This is too funny !

I did not like Achu

Ravi said...

When I was working in bombay, people used code words to abuse. The word yachoo was invented in my cabin.

sp said...

ooo. i remember the age of achoo.

oof ya! said...

Anand - thank you, i wouldn't have survived without you :)

Ravi - i am going to blog about yachoo as well. be warned.

sp - hhaaaaaaa age of achoo!!! definitely a historical time in my life !!!!!