Friday, July 13, 2012


Kenneth started off as a teacher at young Anand's boarding school.

Kenneth then got promoted. He was in charge of taking care of the gym, the washroom and giving the class group beatings. 

Kenneth's most important job was to be the giver of group beatings. If the class was noisy as a group, Kenneth would be especially called in with a cane. He would rap each child on the knuckles.

No other staff member was allowed to give group beatings.

Kenneth was an avid Christian.

Kenneth fell in love.

Kenneth fell in love with a Buddhist girl.

Kenneth converted to Buddhism. 

Anand suddenly remembered Kenneth 2 days back.

Where is Kenneth now?

Is Kenneth on Facebook?

Do you want to be friends with Kenneth? 

Kenneth may be a person you may know.


sp said...

questions for young Anand

did Kenneth's faith have anything to do with caning young boys?

did he keep the caning position after becoming Buddhist?

i love that his name is Kenneth. I am going to think of Kenneth the sweet young caner from now on.

Meghnad Sahasrabhojanee said...

Kenneth, the Caner. How very interesting and dominatrixy.
I had a character JUST LIKE Kenneth in my school. He was called John.
He was a group beater too and a part time school physician. They removed him from the post of school physician after a few students complained that he applied Iodex on their stomach because their stomach was aching.

He remains the undisputed group beater till date though. My sister tells me he still exists and beats groups and flocks of children.

Kenneth, the Dominatrixy caner reminds me of John.

oof ya! said...

sp - yes, these are very fascinating questions. i wonder where young Anand has disappeared !!! i too seek answers!!!!

Meghnad - I will blog about John. beware. be warned :)

sotovoce said...

What's the frequency Kenneth?