Monday, April 05, 2010

split wide open

Fans and Avid Readers!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The moment you've all been waiting for is HERE!!!!
The ultimate, sad, ugly truth about me.....

... is that i used to think that i only liked strange cinema in languages that i don't understand that came with subtitles
... is that i absolutely LOVED UTV World Movies and NDTV Lumiere because the entire thing was in strange languages that i did not understand and constantly subtitled for my viewing pleasure
... is that i deliberatley kept away from most shows on Star World because, to my untrained eyes, they all looked alike (Psych, Heroes, Boston Legal, Prison Break, Ally McBeal, X Files .... endless characters, complex plots, no comedy, lots of lawyers / people with guns / police cars)
... is that ever since Star World, which is an English language channel, decided to subtitle each and every show, i find myself watching in rapt fascination...

And so. Dear Fans and Avid Readers - the ultimate, sad, ugly truth about me is that i will watch absolutely ANYTHING that comes with subtitles .


(Now there are no secrets left between you and me. You have been exposed to the vagaries of my mind and the indescribable pleasures that tantalize my soul.)


Anand said...

Such discovery and such finesse in a one so young!!! You have discovered yourself and you know who you are. May be you can start a cult of your own-Sveism. I will be your fan and avid follower. Stictly !!!

oof ya! said...

Anand - but i thought you are ALREADY my fan and avid follower?