Wednesday, April 21, 2010

next is what?

Facebook 2010: Photos of friends at foreign universities , parties, and at their own weddings

Facebook 2020: Photos of friends' kids, friends' kids' birthday parties

Facebook 2050: Photos of friends' grandkids


nidhi said...

gee! your brilliance ceases to amaze me.

i'm uninclined to add the never there.


oof ya! said...

nidhi - sarcasm is the new black. welcome to the movement.

sp said...

have i commented on the brilliance of your profile picture?

oof ya! said...


Ghanshyam Nair said...

Why did the friends' kids and grandkids not go to foreign universities?

oof ya! said...

ghanshyam - excellent insight. they may have, they may not have. but i am a lazy blogger and only have posts with limited content :P