Saturday, April 17, 2010

careers in tv news - anchor

1.45 AM - wake up
2 AM -  get picked up by office cab
3 AM - reach the office (which exists in a far flung suburb of your city)
3 AM-3.30 AM - Brush teeth inside office loo, drink pure, authentic, deliciously non-flavoured generic coffee from the office coffee machine, check emails
3.30 AM - 4AM - read up for your bulletin
4 AM - go for make-up
5 AM - return from make-up, looking oh-so-delicious at 5 fucking AM, complete with a fancy formal coat (but wearing your ratty jeans and bathroom chappals)
5 AM - 5.45 AM - read up more for your bulletin, write catchy headlines, keep checking with the assistant producer if your progress is ok
5.45 AM - go to the studio, stand under the lights, smile, look beautiful (hide your ratty jeans and bathroom chappals behind your desk so that the audience won't notice)
5.59 AM- 6.25 AM - ON AIR (and feel supremely flustered at every single mistake you make - and get yelled at by the studio director in between breaks and once the show is over for your impeccably miserable performance of looking stellar while stumbling in spite of the teleprompter)

But who will watch news at 5.59AM in the morning?
Your mummy and daddy, of course.


Anand said...


I also watched your news at 5:30-6am. And I am NOT EVEN your mummy-dadyy!!!!!

But your post will go a long way breaking the rosiness of carrers in TV Journalism. Man it was liked bonded labour!!!

oof ya! said...

Anand - thank you for being an enthusiastic commentator on my blog and obviously, my number 1 fan and avid reader :)
you are the reason my mummy daddy also watched news at insane hours :)