Monday, March 12, 2012

suggestion box

"You are blogging more about random men then about me. Please register my complaint and issue me a complaint number." 



Anand said...

1. I am not ready. :p
2. What is the complaint number?
3. Your complaint numbers are usually 8 digit numbers. Such dissatisfied consumers.
4. What are you going to do about it?
5. Which is the best customer service in the world?

Meghnad Sahasrabhojanee said...

So you blogged about him telling you that you don't blog about him? Touche! :P

Meghnad Sahasrabhojanee said...

Oh and I am waiting!! I was to make a debut on Oofya!
It is one of those things on my bucket list. It comes right after, "Climb the mount Everest Naked" and right before "Have a swordfight with a swordfish."

oof ya! said...

Anand -
1. liar !!!!
2. you decide :D
3 & 4. I have personally sorted out each and every one of your complaints!!!!! don't complain!!!!!!!!
5. Google it :P

Meghnad - please stand by, your turn is just around the corner !!!!!