Friday, March 16, 2012

forward thinking

My boss is a middle-aged Malayali man. He has many middle-aged Malayali men friends and acquaintances. As a result, I have smiled at atleast 50 if not 53 middle-aged Malayali gentlemen over the past year. 

A few days ago, this remarkably forward thinking individual told me that at Kerala House, one can get delightful lunch at delightfully cheap prices. Fans and Avid Readers are hereby informed that I really really want to go and eat lunch at Kerala House but I am unable to do so out of fear of running into one or many of the above mentioned middle-aged Malayali men.  They all look alike and they all smile a lot - and I get easily confused so I fear I may end up smiling back at a man I don't even know, which may confuse him into thinking that I'm a forward thinking individual.

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