Thursday, March 01, 2012

inner demons

On some days (like today) I am declared physically unfit to perform peritoneal dialysis.  
On days like these, I feel freedom and excitement. 
On days like these, I feel guilt.
On days like these, I try to rationalize. 
On days like these I come face to face with some of the scariest places in my mind.


Meghnad Sahasrabhojanee said...

All of this starts when you are first ejected out of a mothers womb.
You can't hear the heartbeat anymore.
You can't feel the warmth anymore.
You don't feel like you are floating into nothingness. Not a worry in the world.
All you hear is deafening silence. A silence that welcomes you to this cruel world and makes you cry out, "WHERE AM I?"
But do we have any other choice but to face this silence? These inner demons?
It's that feeling.

oof ya! said...

MEGS!!! YOU ARE ALIVE!!!! Have been trying to get in touch for the past 24 hours you fool.