Friday, March 09, 2012

animal instincts

Conversations with my colleague Abir 
I used to steal chemicals from the lab when I was in school.

Me: Really? What did you steal?

I stole sulphuric acid and poured it on some ants.

Me: !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Abir: Ya, they died. 
I thought they would dissolve in it. But they died. Then I joint an animal rights club.


sp said...

I love your tags.

In my misspent youth I too once joined a relative of PETA called PFA. But then I discovered that this was run by Maneka Gandhi. And my aversion to this BJP association combined with their aversion to non-vegetarians meant the thing was doomed.

oof ya! said...

PFA!!!!!!! hahahahaaha!!!!! cannot believe you have been hiding this from me!!!!!
thank you for loving my tags :)