Thursday, April 14, 2011

job interview: what NOT to say

- Do NOT say you were uninspired at your last job. Instead, talk about how you got to interact with all these really cool pieces of furniture people
- Do NOT say you you are presently unemployed. Instead, say you work freelance.
- Do NOT describe your hobbies in detail. Instead, tell them how you are constantly thinking up new and interesting ways that can contribute to their business. 

Good luck. May you get the job of your dreams.


Dan.Eliot said...

Follow up call after one week and weekly thereafter. Ask what the market place is doing, more jobs less jobs. At this point Recruitment Consultants may want to get you off the phone – PERSEVERE!! You deserve to be listened too.
•If you can, pick up to 3 local recruitment agencies that you feel that you can work with and keep on at them (weekly)

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Anand said...

Now now now... Now where have I seen/read/heard the suggestions made in your blog before?

P.S: Blogspot asked me to type "clecroni" before allowing me to post a comment