Friday, January 11, 2013

How to hide your Russian boyfriend from your Punjabi grandmother

Tried and tested by my friend. Shared by me for the benefit of all of you. Because I am generous like that, and also because you all have Russian boyfriends. 

1. Invite your Russian boyfriend to stay with your family for the holidays

2. Tell your grandmother that all your friends are hosting foreign students for the holidays

3. Take your Russian boyfriend for a short trip to a touristy destination, like Jaisalmer, just the 2 of you

4. Look around for white tourists posing for photographs. At any given time, one of you should unobtrusively wriggle into the frame and pose while the other person unobtrusively takes a photo of the group. Repeat as often as possible. 

5. If you are burdened with obtrusive personalities then the above step does not apply for you. Instead, make sure one of you inserts yourself right into the centre of any space that is crowded with foreign tourists and make the other person quickly take many photos in succession. If you are lucky, some of the people in your vicinity shall be facing the same direction as you at any given point. 

6. Show these pictures to your grandmother. PROOF!

7. Russian boyfriend? There is no such thing.


Anand said...

HAHAHAHAHA. This is the masterplan.

If You, Shushi, DDln, and now Chika put your brains to it, you guys can rule the world (read con)! :P

oof ya! said...

code words!!! such a master conner - and that's you :D