Friday, January 04, 2013

falling fred

Yesterday, my friend The Sleepwalker traumatised me for 26 minutes by showing me this video game called Falling Fred. 

 Here, I found a picture of Fred for you: 

Fred is falling through an endless unidentifiable location. Your aim is to make sure he KEEPS ON FALLING. Yes! If you stop him from falling, YOU LOSE! 

Interestingly, you can let parts of Fred be chopped off by random computer-generated objects while he is falling. All you have to do is make sure he hits a random computer generated object. When this happens, a part of his body gets chopped off . BUT if his head gets chopped off, YOU LOSE! 

You dont't ever win this game. You can have the illusion of winning as long as Fred keeps on falling. 

But wait! It gets better. Apparently, there is a newer version of this game and it is called... SUPER FALLING FRED!!!! In this, the graphics are better, Fred falls faster and there are even more vicious random computer generate objects.

Fred is falling. Let him fall. Fred is super falling. Let him super fall. Fred has a head. Yay!!! Fred lost his head. OH NO! Fred has a super head. Super Yay!!!! Fred lost his super head. SUPER OH NO!

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