Thursday, November 10, 2011

poker face

Fans and Avid Readers,

Today I shall discuss a rising concern of our times: FACEBOOK POKES. I have many problems with these, and I have kindly collected all of them in one single blog post for your reading pleasure.
1. When poked on facebook, I don't feel a thing. 
2. Facebook now tweets you on every single poke rather than quietly collecting them all responsibly in one corner.  I PREFER MY POKING PAPER WORK TO PILE UP, I HATE HAVING TO ATTEND TO IT ON AN IMMEDIATE BASIS AS THIS INCREASES MY POKING PAPERWORK.
3. I poke you you poke me I poke you you poke me I poke you you poke me ipokeyouyoupokemeipokeyouyoupokemeipokeyouyoupokemeipokeyouyoupokeme etc


Ghanshyam Nair said...

Nobody pokes me. I should be happy about this, but I'm not.
In other news, my word verification thingy is 'aspouti'.

Anand said...

You started it !!!

Anand said...
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Anand said...

And maybe FB should specify "pokes on your stomach". I am sure that these will make you feel !

oof ya! said...

KK - Actually, I would think that perhaps the people on your friends list are wondering why YOU don't ever poke THEM. Have I just twisted your world around :D

Anand - i am holding my stomach now thanks ok!!!!