Sunday, November 27, 2011

Meena from California

There is an aunty who is a family friend of ours. She likes to telephone us a lot, presumably because we are all such skilled conversationalists. She has been calling us up since 1952. Or even earlier. (Maybe 1818?) . Every time she calls she always says "Hi, this is Meena from California." And I always say ,"Oh hello aunty, how are you?" And then we have a conversation and then I pass the phone around to everyone else in the house.

Confession: I have never met Meena from California. 
Super Confession: Neither has anyone else who lives in my house. (Parents included)
The next big thing: No one is sure who she is, but we suspect she may be a friend of my grandmother's cousin.
Ticking bomb: We have spoken to her so many times that now we are too afraid to ask, "Yes, but who exactly ARE you?"


Anand said...

You can say Oof-Ya, who are you?

Kartikay Sahay said...

Aah the curse of social etiquettes!

oof ya! said...

Anand - hahaha that would be CRAZY :D

Kartikay Sahay - welcome back :) glad you stopped by :)

Anand said...

Would it, then, be you?

oof ya! said...

no, as discussed earlier, it would be YOU :D