Wednesday, November 16, 2011

economics made easy

We live in the times of economic crisis and misbehaviour of dollars and euros. And so when you work at the Reserve Bank of India, you are constantly waging wars with the dollars and euros and getting them to behave.

And that brings me to the best and most exciting news of the day - I have learnt to tell the days of good dollar behaviour apart from the days of bad dollar behaviour. On the good days, Anand, who works at the RBI, calls me from work and chats with me. Because, he is relaxed and the dollars are behaving. On the bad days, I find that I am the one calling him up, and he lifts up the phone, speaks to me for 2.51 seconds and hangs up. Because, he is too busy waging a war. And this, dear fans and avid readers is the SIGN.

And this is how I, with no professional economic training whatsoever, have come to be able to read the signs of the economic crisis.



Anand said...
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Anand said...

Hahahahaha. Some information content in my behaviour.

But how can you say, you have no training in Economics? have you forgotten that we have had many Economics Sessions one-on-one and that this has led you to come third in class. Have you? Have you?


Thank You

sp said...

i am jealous of your live traffic feed

oof ya! said...

Anand - no, thank YOU. for economics one-on-one and everything else :)

SMURF - don't be jealous, you can also get yourself one for free :)