Sunday, December 09, 2012

world cheeseball factory

Anand   went to Papua New Guinea and got me these

A bag of chips so rare that even Google Images was only able to give me HALF of the picture - logo only!!!

I was greatly excited to be in possession of a bag of local MANUFACTURED IN PAPUA NEW GUINEA chips.  I have infact preserved the bag after eating the chips. No, I shall NOT be taking a picture. TAKE THAT, Google Images !!!!! Serves you right. 

Anyhow. Fans and avid readers of this blog are hereby informed that these chips look and taste EXACTLY like these chips:

I am happy to inform you all that I have now uncovered globalisation's sexiest trade secret - COVER ART. 


Meghnad Sahasrabhojanee said...

*fanboi scream*
*end fanboi scream*

Suppose Not said...

You can buy them online too!
And... There is a related product called Kokonut Kina Cookie that I feel you must pressurize Anand the next time he's in the hood - the Papua New Guinea hood.

oof ya! said...

Meghnad - thanks for your enthusiasm.
Suppose Not - thank you for YOUR enthusiasm as well. I feel truly honoured whenever i stir your passions enough to leave a comment on my blog. TOO MUCH TOO MUCH :D