Saturday, January 14, 2012

how to survive the rules of engagement (pyaar ke side effects)

For those who are getting engaged:
#1. When you are engaged, announce it on Facebook. (Obviously, this rule is for the dummies. If you already knew this, congrats, you are advanced.)

Side effects of forgetting to follow the rule: No one will know you are engaged.

For those who know those who are getting engaged:
#1. Read about your friend's engagement on Facebook
#2. Check how many friends your engaged friend has on their friend list
#3. Check how many of the friends from your engaged friend's list have already commented/congratulated them on the changed relationship status
#4. If you are very cool and important then wait till atleast 97% of the people on your engaged buddy's list have congratulated him/her. THEN leave a comment. This will ensure that notifications you receive over the next 24-48 hours are reduced to a minimum . (This rule is for advanced users)
#4a. Special side effect rule #4a-  For dummies, I advise rule #4a. According to this rule, skip rules 2, 3 and 4 and CONGRATULATE YOUR FRIEND RIGHT NOW DON'T WAIT DON'T STOP OMG!!!!!!!! This will ensure that you will keep getting notifications for atleast the next 24 if not 48 or 72 hours whenever random other people from your engaged friend's list also congratulate them. 


Anand said...

Engagements are spreading like wild fires these days !!!

oof ya! said...

its the new disease :P

Meghnad Sahasrabhojanee said...

But can you or can you not simply,
a) Congratulate Friend
b) Click on Unfollow post
c) Love the life that is devoid of notifications.

This is a new type of users. Not advanced OR newbies. I don't know what to call them, so you give them some name. :)

Sanskriti said...
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Sanskriti said...

Meghnad its the Geek User! :P

Oof Ya! I love your blog. I spent sunday reading it... till 2006 :D

oof ya! said...

Meghnad - those types of users are accused of insider trading:P but ya, Sanskriti's term of Geek user may also be used.

Sanskriti - thank you very much. hello and welcome :)