Friday, March 18, 2011

group yelling


Q. What is group yelling?
A. The class does something classified as "disobedient" from the powers that be and everyone gets taken to the principal's office to get collectively yelled at.

Q. What are the benefits of group yelling?

A. The experience of group yelling is best described as the fun cousin of an individual yelling. In an individual yelling, you get humiliated in front of everyone. In a group yelling session, you all will miss out on study time and also, you can make fun of the teacher once he / she leaves.  Verdict : Totally worth it.


LMT said...

I'm sure group yelling in Spanish would be much funner than in English! What Say Sve? (oooh..i just realised that it's alliterative)

oof ya! said...

you are right, group yelling in Spanish would be a blast because no one would know what the teacher is saying!!!

Anand said...

Such insight :)

P.S: Blogger allows me to post my comment only after I type "SHING"