Wednesday, May 13, 2015

the boy who controls phone covers

My flatmate, the Costume Designer, is in love with a boy who bought her a plastic phone cover with little pink and green cats drawn all over it. 

She loves the boy but hates the phone cover. 

She bought herself a sleek metallic white phone cover. 

She loves the sleek metallic white phone cover but she knows that the boy will hate her for using it. 

Every time she goes out to meet this boy she frantically changes phone covers so that her phone is ALWAYS wearing the pink and green cats on the days that she meets him. 

Her phone has two clothes. One for date night. One for every other night. 

I said - "What's the point of all this?"

She said - "He will fight with me if he sees me using this white metallic phone cover."

I said - "Why will he fight with you?"

She said - "He will not believe that I bought myself a phone cover. He will think it is a gift from another boy."

One day, in her enthusiasm to meet the boy who controls phone covers, she ran out of the house and FORGOT to give her phone the right clothes. 

They fought that day. She came home and they fought that night. Then at 2.30 AM she decided that she would drive all the way to Kancheepuram to meet him face to face and resolve the fight. 

So she got out of the house and drove her car. All the way from Chennai to Kancheepuram at 2.30AM. 

She made sure her phone sat in the passenger seat, wearing the pink and green knitted cats rather than the slinky white ballgown.

They met. They kissed. 

Because the boy who controls your phone covers is the one who deserves to be loved. 


sp said...

She should get rid of him because he has bad taste. Sounds like a potential life time of terrible presents.

oof ya! said...

potential lifetime of terrible presents!!! hahahaha !!!! never thought of that in my angst over this!!!!