Sunday, January 18, 2015

how the maid got fired

My flatmates fired the maid.

This is because they thought the maid was stealing onions and bananas from our kitchen. 

One of them claims she shot a video of this in action. 


The maid wanted a bonus. 

They said - "No. You can't have a bonus because you have been stealing onions and bananas from our kitchen. "

She said - "I have not stolen onions and bananas from your kitchen."
They said - "We have a video."

She said - "Show me the video. I will tell you if these are the onions and bananas from YOUR kitchen."

************ (action) **********

They said "You are fired."
She said - "I'm not leaving this house unless you pay me a bonus."

They said - "Leave now."

She left. She took the broomstick with her. 

We don't have a maid. 

We don't have a broomstick. 

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