Sunday, December 07, 2014

tales from other people's bedrooms

My friend Romangst and her husband argue about bedcovers.

She says using a bedcover is a way to ensure that the bed doesn't get dusty and so when they are ready to sleep, they can lie on a clean bed.

He says - "So when we remove the bed cover and lie down, we are exposed to dust. So it's ok by you if we get covered in dust but it's not okay for the BED to get dusty?"


My friend KK
compulsively buys postcards that he never sends to anyone. On occasion, he tapes a few of them up onto his bedroom walls.

I said - "What happens to the rest?" 

He said - "Most of them never make it up there. They lie in the blackhole of postcards, in a drawer in my bedroom. I buy postcards and banish them to the blackhole." 

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