Thursday, February 13, 2014

the monk who had cancer

Last week at the chemotherapy day care centre, there was a monk who had come in for treatment.

You can retreat from this material world, you can give up breathing its toxins.

You can live a stress free lifestyle, you can meditate.

You can pray.

But still.


Makes you realise the true extent of the random nature of this universe. Makes you realise that even if you control your mind, even if you control your emotions, there is very little else that you can control.

And sometimes, a life of prayer can control nothing at all. 


Dhara said...

oof ya! I don't quite know the flowery words for this, so I am just gonna say it straight (even though it might sound corny). Your writing touches the heart. You don't use the big words, the fancy descriptions - nothing. And that simplicity is beautiful. Makes you want to read more. Keep writing Oof ya!

And you mentioned that sometimes a lifetime of prayer doesn't control anything, but from where I see it- it helps you deal with the despair. When my mom was down with TB twice, I just wanted to turn to somebody to keep me sane. To help me quell all the fears. It wasn't that the prayer helped me find enlightenment or made my mom better, but it just kept me sane. gave me the strength to deal with the shit and trauma of dealing with the situation wherein someone you love suffers from a fatal disease. We all get our strength from different sources. May be the monk got his prayers too. Just saying

I really don't mean to come out strong or even sound so defensive, but having gone through the same shit, I can empathize with the frustration you are going through. Sometimes it all seems so futile. So I just wanna say that you are an extremely strong person and I think you are super awesome in the way you are dealing with things. Just know that I've got your back okay and I love you forever Oof ya!

Anand said...

Many hugs and much love.

For me, prayer is what often keeps hope alive in seemingly hopeless situations.

and also I would like to point out that just when I had thought that I had own over the competition, it is back again!!! (But who is afraid of a fight?) :P


Dhara said...

Ha ha Anand, you needn't worry about any competition from my end. But may be if Oofya! had to choose between you and me, I might just turn out to be the dark horse ;-) #justsaying

Anand said...

Hahhahaha...I am sure :)

Anand said...
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oof ya! said...

Dhara!!!! Thanks for taking the time out to write that incredibly detailed, thoughtful response. I really do appreciate it. So glad you took the time out to comment and also I really love you, always, and I am so glad we are friends :)

oof ya! said...

Anand - you are such a crazy young one :) thank you for making me smile over this!!!