Saturday, July 27, 2013


The very first time I met him he said, "I went for late marriage. My children are 5 years old." (He looked about 45. No, I did not ask him about either his children or his marital status. He told me himself, of his own accord.Within the first five minutes of our meeting.)

You would think the Indian Parliament was big enough for me to avoid running into this man forever after. But no. Everytime I go there, he magically shows up in my path. (Yes, my job sometimes involves entering the Parliament building. No, I'm not that powerful. Yet.)

One day when I ran into him he said,"If you need anything, just send the driver." (Again, I had not asked him for anything. He said this himself, of his own free will.)

On another day he said, "You should use your office computer for research." (Yes, this was a random statement. I have no idea why he said this to me. We ran into each other and he blurted this out. Immediately upon seeing me this is exactly what he said.)

Today he said, "You should go for higher studies. I will be so happy if you do a Phd."
And then he said, "If you need anything, I will send the driver to you."

Fans and avid readers!!!!!! Please notice the promotion!!!! Earlier, I had to send him the driver if I needed anything. Now HE will send me the driver if I need anything. WINNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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