Monday, October 08, 2012

my mother

...threw off our dustbin because we were throwing too much junk into it.  Now, as per her wishes, there is NO place in the house for accumulating junk.


Meghnad Sahasrabhojanee said...

I am in a somewhat similar dilemma. My room here has NO dustbin. My boss reminds me everyday to be conscious of the environment and not throw garbage around the house.
So as a result, I have to stuff my bag with litter and empty it out in a dustbin outside everyday before going to lunch.

oof ya! said...

ohhh i feel your pain. my sister and i discovered that there is a common dustbin for our building outside our house. and that is where we have been going everytime we want to throw something away. BUT IT IS HIGHLY INEFFICIENT. and can be used during daylight hours only.