Friday, April 20, 2012

something is not right

With a higher education system that
- Makes you pay shit loads for taking a language competence exam
- Is therefore automatically inaccessible to many
- Requires you to suck up to your teachers and get recommendation letters
- Only lets you in if you have recommendation letters from alumni
- Limits your chances of gaining admission to a course of study that helps you explore a developing interest ---- you need to have been interested in this course right from when you were 18. And never change your interests, ever.
- Gives out scholarships  - but the only people you know who got them were rich kids who didn't need them in the first place

- Is just OOF.
- Ya, it really is. 


Ghanshyam Nair said...

I agree. It's just completely messed up.

oof ya! said...

HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII so good to see you :)

Tilpu said...

Oh we've had this conversation in a park where your parents found us!
Are you happy to see me tooo????

Tilpu said...
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