Wednesday, December 08, 2010


Fans and Avid Readers!!!!!!!!

I wish to hereby inform you that I have been invited to a wedding :)

Nowdays, increasingly, I am invited to weddings of friends my own age... this is unlike my childhood where the people getting married would seem like aunties and uncles to me. The conclusion is that my friends and I are now AUNTYS AND UNCLES. YAAAAAAYYYY. (No, really.)

...... And now that you all have finished celebrating this piece of news, let's move right along to the REAL problem here.

I am a person who owns a very limited collection of shiny fancy wedding clothes. These, fans and avid readers, I regret to inform you, were very keenly documented by the facebook paparazzi at the last wedding I attended.



Can you see my problem here? Can you? Can you?


nidhi said...

no, i can't. firstly, the facebook paparazzi is deeply hurt by your lack of appreciation for their beauteous portrayal of the garam masaledar you. secondly, if the wedding belongs to an unrelated person, who may not have been part of the maddening crowd engaged in the previous one, there is no cause to worry. air these shiny pieces out, they must not smell of naphthalene balls. thirdly, it is not your wedding. no point in trying to steal the bride's thunder! :D

LT said...

Invest in some Spanish looking clothes...It can be your wedding look! You will stand out and when any bugging papparazi asks a question, you could just go..."Yo no hablo Inglés" and send them running for their dictionaries...Good advice señora?

oof ya! said...

nidhiiiiiiiii --- i am borke, and sadly, i have many common frands between the bride of this wedding and the bride of last wedding . sigh. also, you forget, i am a celebrity in my own right, and with or without the bride, i always attract thunder :P

LT ---- good to see you here baby :) Tienes algunas ideas bueanas !!!!

nidhi said...

ahem! you fancy thing! :D if you wish, you could beg, borrow, steal...personally advising you to only do the borrowing, the others might cramp your style a bit too much :D

oof ya! said...

nidhi!!!! you fancy thing!!!!

Synical said...

Am your biggest faaan, I'll follow you until you love me, Papa, Papa razzi.

Raveena said...

Shopping needs to be done. I feel for you, really.