Monday, March 20, 2006

why my blog sucks

it is because it looks like everyone else's and it is just so BLAH.

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m. said...

oh dear. dyou think blah blogs stink? sigh. im doomed! :D

anyway.. lol. i was highly tickled that someone asked me for tech help:im pretty hopeless in that dept!

this is how you make a link on your blog. go to settings, template, and in edit current, youll see the code for your links section - it should be easier if you hit a search on the page for "Google News" :)

you've linked to annie's post properly in the second "Links" section, but anyway here it is again. you say

1. < (and) a (and) href equals
2. the link address in double quotes
3. >
4. whatever name you want to give the link on your page
5. < / a> (without the spaces)

to my limited knowledge the "li" part youll see in your code before and after the < a is what tells your style sheet to use its unique formatting for links.

if you stare at your template page a while, youll see the style sheet part, and can take out hexadecimal colour codes from the net (google it!) and try sticking in the colours youd prefer over the ones that are there. preview is useful so you can see what youre doing before saving the darn thing!

happy blogging :)

ps: html works like a sandwich: <> is the top slice and < /> the second, so everything you put in between is defined or formatted according to that :D