Tuesday, January 07, 2014

metro foreplay

Young heterosexual couples in heat are fascinating to watch on metro rides. The perfect place to build sexual tension is the thin fine line between the ladies compartment and the rest of the train. Girl stands on ladies' side. Guy stands on the other side. They look into each others eyes. Their fingertips brush. They dare to bridge the distance between themselves by reaching out and holding hands.

They don't kiss, obviously, because kissing is against Indian Culture. 

Thankfully, now, we have a word for this phenomenon.

My frand calls it "Metro Foreplay"


pi-pu-xi-xu said...

I've actually seen people kissing on the metro twice in the recent past. Well, not exactly on the metro, but outside the Lajpat metro station, in front of the rows of rickshaws, and in the CCD inside the Rajeev Chowk station. No one turned a hair, which made my jaw drop. Didn't realise Delhi had grown up this much.

Also, hi!

oof ya! said...

pi-pu-xi-xu hi!!!!! welcome to my blog :) thanks for stopping by!!!
yes, you are right - i've seen people kissing at rajeev chowk as well!!! in broad daylight!!! they could handle it. sadly, i could not :p