Monday, June 18, 2012

yoga women

Fans and Avid Readers! I am pleased to announce that after being a boring old exec-type of man, I have transformed into one of those hot yoga women. It's true!!!!

The type you see in multi-grain biscuit ads. The type who never snacks. The type who carries multi-grain whole wheat biscuits in her bag. Just in case she misses a meal.

So... does it count if you pack the biscuits on a day trip with your 60 plus, senior citizen dad to the hospital? For him, not you?

YES IT DOES!!!! Because you packed them in a huge, swingy, bright green Janpath-Sarojini Nagar type of bag. And carried it yourself. HA!


Meghnad Sahasrabhojanee said...

I really like the Hot Yoda woman picture you provided the link to. She is like a hot Batman. A very attractive shadowy character.

oof ya! said...

thank you child! and loving your current picture. true serenity.