Thursday, September 15, 2011

now even i have written an open letter

Dear Madrasans, Madrasis, Punjabans and Punjabis,

this, and this , may I just say that my tender young mind is overwhelmed?
Not to mention that the
raging genetic code that runs inside me is going crazy. Like Britney Spears Crazy. (The song, not her personality).

I say aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhh. I say owwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. I say, OMG WHICH SIDE SHALL I SUPPORT????? Because, in all earnest, I say, a truly well mixed nuanced cocktail flavoured bloodgroup like my humble minority has no place amongst the latest debate to take the internet by storm.

BOO HOO!!!!!!  

And so I present to you the ULTIMATE SOLUTION: On offer is an unlimited period of FRANDSHIP with me. I will help you break every single stereotype you have ever held about idlis and tandoori chicken and all food groups in between.

And also. An Indian street secret: FRANDSHIP means anything but FRIENDSHIP.

The apocalypse is here. Follow me.


sp said...

:) lead on!
idlis and tandoori chicken are among my favorite foods

sp said...

also may i say that i am love the little chicks in the background. v chic.

oof ya! said...

yes, little chickens just waiting to be made into tandooris :D

Ghanshyam Nair said...

I can testify to the stereotype-cleansing properties of the oof ya frandship.

Anand said...

May I mention to you that you were once referred to as "idly sambhar" !!!

Green Peace said...

i like what your wrote.
i can't say the same about the font colour you chose.

my eyes are hurting.

oof ya! said...

KK - thank you very much :D

Anand - i know, how can i forget!!!!

Green Peace - i appreciate that you stopped by and read my blog, inspite of the fonts and colours being non-appealing to you. Thank you :)

Anand said...




Take your pic !

oof ya! said...

you can use both to prevent boredom and repetition in these times of novelty!!!!