Wednesday, August 18, 2010

smart cookie

Fans and Avid Readers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wish to proudly inform you that I was invited to a PAGE 3 PARTAAAYYYYYYYYY  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will share with you the following observations:
1. I know, I know, I have arrived. WOW YAAR!

2. So, this was the book launch of a book by Khushwant Singh, Absolute Khushwant. (Google it kids, I am too lazy to put in the link).

3. I am not a fan of Khushwant Singh, quite frankly I went for free food and drinks. But the biggest fan and avidest reader of my blog asked me to procure a signed copy of the book for him.

Keeping all of the above points in mind, I will tell you a few more juicy details of my PAGE 3 event :

a) I arrived late. At the point when Khushwant Singh was thanking everyone and the emcee opened the floor for the FOOD AND DRINKS :)
b) At this precise moment there was a surge of audience members  heading towards the table at the back of the room stacked with millions and millions of Absolute Khushwants
c) I was advised by a well meaning soul at this party to grab my copy and get it signed ASAP. As I was eager to prove my true worthiness to the biggest fan and avidest reader of my blog,  I decided to take this advice very seriously and I joined the surge of hands scooping up copies of Absolute Khushwant.
d) I paid for my book and absolutely ran towards Mr. Khushwant. He was surrounded by the enitre population of his fans and avidest readers. They were all demanding signed copies of THE BOOK.
e) He said, "I am not well. I am not signing any books."

KYA YAAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hmmmmmmmmmmm. And now, my closing remarks:

i) It is one thing to own a book by an author you like
ii) It is a completely different thing if the said book is SIGNED by the author
iii) Many people in this universe may buy a book at a book launch even if they wouldn't have bought it otherwise, simply so that they can have it signed by the author
iv) At this PAGE 3 do, Mr. Khushwant Singh sold many, many copies of his absolute self and none of them was signed to complete the absoluteness
v) Khushwant Singh is a smart cookie


Synical said...

Khushwant Singh is a smart and horny cookie. How were the food and drinks though?

And in another WDC member's style, I inform you that blogspot asked me to spell out dimma to be able to comment on this post.


Anand said...

Thank you for the book.

oof ya! said...

synical - he is indeed horny. he allowed himself to be fondled by all fans and readers alike, men, women, old, new. I SAW IT. food and drinks were fancy enough. i stationed myself right next to the kitchen door to catch the waiters as they ran out with the stuff :D blogger is asking me to spell VIGNE so that i can comment on my own blog. the irony.

Anand - thank me once the book lands in your hands (if ever)

Suppose Not said...

I would just like to point out that if x is fondled by y without x specifically asking y to fondle him/her/them (pick as per your preference of political correctness/gender and number of members of set x)then it does not necessarily make x horny.
Touching old people is like poking one's finger in dough. With all due respect to the old, if I do it then it is probably my kink, not theirs.
I am also disappointed by the lack of description of the food and drinks. Sigh. Do tell us. We are clamoring to eat and drink page 3 food vicariously.
ps: Did you wear tiny dress (refer to Hapra for borrowing possibilities) and air kiss many people?

oof ya! said...

no he really is horny. he was very smiley and agreeable to all fondlers but pushed away anyone who brought THE BOOK under his nose :P

Raveena said...

Observations at a page3 party, ha ha!

Chanced upon your blog, You write very casually and it's really easy to just sit and chill and read! :)